Version 1.5 - Template Examples

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Version 1.5 - Template Examples

Post by Austin » Thu May 03, 2012 4:11 pm

Since version 1.5 of 3DClipboard (3DC) was recently released with the great new feature of Templates, I thought I would throw one out there to show some of the functionality that it could be used for.

Since I do a fair bit of Oracle programming, I created the template below to give me a skeleton function so that I can just begin to write my function. It uses much of the Templating syntax that 3DC currently supports and is usable in my everyday work environment. I simply have to select this Template, which by the way is also a Sticky, fill in the function name when prompted, and my basic function structure is created. Thanks 3DC!

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  DESCRIPTION:  This function will
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  Austin      {3DC$Time(%b %d, %Y)}        Created Function
  l_return_value NUMBER;
  RETURN l_return_value;
END {3DC:FunctionName};

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Re: Version 1.5 - Template Examples

Post by Jesse » Tue May 29, 2018 4:51 pm

Well, I just worked out some improvements to the above.

This version does not require you to supply a Max from a clipboard entry, instead it completely ignores what clipboard entry you invoke it upon and uses an InputBox to ask you what maximum value you want to use.

My code defaults to 1e9 (that's lazytype for 1E09 aka 10^9 aka one billion), but feel free to change the default on line 1 if you wish.

Pressing cancel or entering a blank field (which VBscript views as indistinguishable) silently exits.

Entering a string, or a number less than 1 results in a helpful error message.

Entering a floating point value will behave identically to if the fraction were lopped off your input.

Result will be announced in a Message Box for the benefit of whoever just wanted to see the random number (without having to inspect clipboard or paste somewhere to see it), and results will also be pushed into the clipboard so all bases should now be covered. :D

Code: Select all

Dim max,result
max=InputBox("Max Value?", "Random Number Generator", "1e9")
If(max <> "") Then 'Detects cancel click, silently exits
  If((not IsNull(max)) and IsNumeric(max)) Then
    If(max>=1) Then
      result = CStr(Int(CLng(max)*Rnd))
      MsgBox("Random Number selected, and placed in your clipboard! :D"& vbCrLf & vbCrLf & CStr(result))
      clipboard.value = result
      MsgBox("Sorry, we need max to be one or greater, not "& CStr(max) &".")
    End If
    MsgBox("Sorry.. """& CStr(max) &""" isn't really a valid max value.")
  End If
End If

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